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DIY vs Professional Handover Cleaning in Singapore: Which One Should I Opt For?


As the end of a tenancy or lease agreement approaches, ensuring that the property is left in a clean and appealing condition becomes a top priority. This is where the need for handover cleaning comes into play. Handover cleaning involves a thorough cleaning of the property before it’s transferred to the landlord or the new tenant. In Singapore, you have two primary options for handover cleaning: the do-it-yourself (DIY) approach or hiring a professional cleaning service. 


Professional Handover Cleaning

Quality Assurance


One of the major advantages of hiring a professional handover cleaning service in Singapore is the assurance of quality. Professional cleaners are trained to deliver exceptional cleaning results. They pay close attention to detail and ensure that every part of the property is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized, leaving the property in pristine condition.


Time is often a critical factor when it comes to handover cleaning. Hiring professional handover cleaning services can save you valuable time, especially if you have a tight deadline for the handover. Take note that professional cleaners have the necessary manpower and efficient cleaning processes to complete the job promptly. They can work quickly and effectively, ensuring that the property is ready for inspection or occupancy within the desired timeframe. 

Compliance with Legal Standards


Handover cleaning in Singapore often requires compliance with certain standards set by landlords, property management companies, or regulatory bodies. Adherence to legal standards and methods are among the things you should consider when selecting professional handover cleaning services, as they can ensure that the cleaning is done according to the required guidelines. This can help avoid any disputes or issues during the handover process and give you peace of mind knowing that the cleaning meets the necessary standards.

Cost Comparison

To assess the cost-effectiveness of DIY handover cleaning versus professional cleaning services, it’s essential to consider all associated costs. DIY cleaning may seem cheaper initially, but when you factor in the cost of cleaning supplies, equipment, and your own time, the overall expenses can add up. 

On the other hand, professional cleaning services offer a comprehensive package that includes various services such as floor polishing, sofa cleaning, mattress stain removal, and more. While the upfront cost of professional handover cleaning may be higher, it can be more cost-effective in the long run, considering the time and effort saved.


Considerations for DIY Handover Cleaning


Many people are unsure whether they can really save more by hiring a professional for handover cleaning. DIY cleaning can appear more cost-effective at first as you won’t need to pay for professional services. However, once you factor in the cost of cleaning supplies and equipment, it might become a significant expense. Additionally, without prior experience or knowledge of specific handover cleaning requirements, you might make costly mistakes.     

Time and Effort


Another important consideration is the time and effort required for DIY handover cleaning. Cleaning an entire property can be a time-consuming task, especially if you have a busy schedule or other commitments. If you choose to handle it yourself, you’ll need to seek tips for effective DIY handover cleaning to achieve your desired cleanliness and make the process smoother and more cost-effective. However, keep in mind that you might need to exert physical effort such as scrubbing, mopping, and cleaning every nook and cranny of the property. On the other hand, hiring professionals can save you time and energy, allowing you to focus on other essential aspects of the handover process.



Expertise in cleaning is crucial for achieving a comprehensive and satisfactory handover cleaning process. In line with this, professionals have the requisite skills, knowledge, and experience to address even the most demanding cleaning tasks. Additionally, they are well-acquainted with the optimal techniques, products, and equipment for different surfaces and areas within the property. In contrast, following a step-by-step DIY handover cleaning guide may not consistently achieve the required level of cleanliness or meet the standards outlined in legal agreements if you lack proficiency and knowledge.


Other Factors to Consider

Time Available Before the Handover Date

The timeframe available before the handover date is a critical factor to consider. Always remember that performing DIY cleaning requires you to allocate sufficient time to complete the cleaning process thoroughly. If you have a busy schedule or limited time, hiring professionals is more ideal as it can save you stress and ensure that the property is cleaned within the required timeframe. You can make it easier for professionals to clean your property by following some tips on how to prepare your property for professional handover cleaning which will save time. 

Area Size


The size of the property is a crucial factor to consider when deciding between DIY and professional handover cleaning. Larger properties may demand more time, effort, and resources to clean thoroughly. That said, hiring professionals can ensure that the cleaning for such a property size is done efficiently and effectively, sparing you from the daunting task of cleaning every corner yourself.

Cleaning Expertise

Your own cleaning proficiency and experience should also be taken into account. If you have prior experience in professional cleaning or are confident in your abilities to achieve a high standard of cleanliness, DIY cleaning may be a viable option. However, if you are unsure about the cleaning techniques or lack the necessary skills, it is advisable to hire handover cleaning professionals to ensure spotless results.


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Choosing between a DIY approach and hiring professional handover cleaning services in Singapore involves considering several factors such as the property’s size, your cleaning skills, and the timeframe leading up to the handover can help make an informed decision. While the DIY route might seem a better option at first, it often turns out to be labour-intensive, time-consuming, and may not yield the desired impeccable results. On the other hand, professional cleaning services guarantee quality, save time, and adhere to stringent cleaning standards. H

It is crucial to be aware of common mistakes when hiring a professional handover cleaning service as it might negate the advantages professionals may bring. Not only that, be sure to seek out reliable handover cleaning professionals such as DW Move Out Cleaning Singapore. 

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