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How Much Does Professional Handover Cleaning Cost in Singapore?


Professional handover cleaning services in Singapore are essential for landlords and property owners looking to prepare their spaces for new tenants. This comprehensive cleaning process includes deep cleaning, sanitization, and the removal of hazardous waste materials. Keep in mind that the cost of handover cleaning can fluctuate based on several key factors, such as property size, condition, scope of work, timing, urgency, the reputation and experience of the cleaning company, and any additional services required.


Extent of Cleaning Needed


The extent of work varies depending on the specific needs of the property owner or landlord and can include floor cleaning, bathroom and kitchen cleaning, dusting, surface wiping, cobweb removal, and window cleaning. However, some properties may also require handyman services like aircon servicing, carpet stain removal, or wall repainting. While the ability to provide such services is a benefit of professional handover cleaning services, it can also lead to a higher cost.


The Property Size and Condition

The size and condition of a property are pivotal in determining the cost of cleaning services. Larger properties naturally require more time and resources for a thorough cleaning, while properties in poor condition demand more extensive cleaning efforts. Both of these can inherently increase the cost of professional handover cleaning. Factors like the property’s age, the number of previous tenants, and the type of flooring can further influence the cleaning expenses. For those seeking a cost-effective alternative, a step-by-step DIY handover cleaning guide can be beneficial for minor cleaning and repairs.


Timing and Urgency of the Handover


The timing and urgency of professional handover cleaning also affects the overall cost. Short notice requests may require the cleaning company to allocate extra resources or work overtime, leading to increased costs. Properties left vacant for extended periods may also require more intensive cleaning, further raising the cost. That said, preparing your property for handover cleaning in advance can streamline the process and potentially save on expenses.


Reputation and Experience of the Handover Cleaning Company

When choosing the best handover cleaning service, it’s essential to consider the reputation and experience of the cleaning company. Opting for a reputable and experienced cleaning company may result in higher charges, but it also assures property owners and landlords of high-quality cleaning services. Conversely, choosing inexperienced or unprofessional cleaners may offer lower prices, but the quality of their work may be subpar, leading to additional costs in the long run.


Add-on Services


When choosing between DIY and professional handover cleaning, it’s common to take into account any additional services that may be necessary. However, the cost of handover cleaning may increase based on which of these extra services are requested. For instance, pest control services or specialized cleaning services like parquet floor polishing can increase cleaning expenses. Discussing these additional services with the cleaning company beforehand is crucial to ensuring that the cost is included in the quote.


Contact DW Move Out Cleaning Singapore for Professional Handover Cleaning Services

For reliable and affordable handover cleaning services in Singapore, turn to DW Move Out Cleaning Singapore. We are a professional cleaning company specializing in high-quality handover cleaning services for landlords and property owners. Our experienced cleaners utilize the latest cleaning equipment and techniques to ensure your property is cleaned to the highest standards.



The cost of professional handover cleaning in Singapore can vary significantly due to several key factors. Firstly, the extent of cleaning required plays a crucial role in determining the price, with deep and comprehensive cleaning typically costing more than basic services. Additionally, the size and condition of the property can significantly influence the cost, with larger or more heavily soiled spaces resulting in higher charges. 

One common mistake homeowners make when engaging professional handover cleaning services is not thoroughly assessing the specific cleaning needs of their property, which can result in inaccurate cost estimates. The timing and urgency of the handover can also impact the price, as last-minute or urgent requests may come with a premium. To get an accurate estimate, it’s advisable to request quotes from different cleaning services in Singapore, taking these factors into account.

For an accurate quote on professional handover cleaning services in Singapore and to experience the expertise of DW Move Out Cleaning Singapore, contact us today. Our team is dedicated to delivering exceptional results, ensuring your property is in impeccable condition for a seamless handover.


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